How I'd turned MY BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT into my biggest motivation?

This blog may only seem to you that I am pouring my heart out or you may feel emotional and pity for me but these are two precious years of my life.  I will never forget them in my remaining life. They have taught me so many things that are not even comparable to teachings of the remaining 20 years of my life. This is a journey from my biggest disappointment to my biggest motivation. I am from the society where most people respect and appreciate others by outward appearances of their profession, their looks or the money they earn. I feel sorry for them now. After completing my under-graduation in Electrical Engineering, I have to go through a lot of tests for jobs. After every other job interview, I had to set my goal again that I would gain this for sure, but unluckily it was not like that.  This world does not run like that.  While everyone was busy in his life in my family, I was struggling to my full strength with this life.   When my peers have started to tease me by saying that “W…


Do it ever seem like that you have more weight on your heart than others?  Do you ever feel anxious or doubtful about saying no to others?  Do you ever feel like that you have to say yes to every other thing people will ask from you? 
If yes, then you are exactly reading the right article. I will tell you how much easy and soothing is to say NO rather than forced YES. This is the time you have to learn to say no to progress in your life without guilt or without considering yourself culpable. The word NO holds a lot of Power but it doesn't mean that you have to say no to every other thing. For that, you have to set your BOUNDARIES. What is your definition of BOUNDARIES? That question itself holds a lot of explanation.  For me, every other thing that does not lie in the circle of my moral values or is a hurdle towards my ambition and goal is my boundary. You have to be confident and strict of yourself in setting those boundaries.
But what we do? We prefer to say forced yes rather …

Is SOCIAL ACCEPTANCE that much necessary? By Farheen S.

What if I tell you social acceptance is not that much important as much your own acceptance of you? 
With this advancement and modernization of the world, the discrimination and acceptance factors are also rising with quite a speed in our societies. If we want to wrap the “acceptance and discrimination” in beautiful words, we can call it a competition because some of us call it a competition truly.  Our society has transformed itself into a sort of race completion. No one wants to lag behind in this contest. It does not matter what we are leaving behind. It does not matter that we are leaving behind our actual goals, our actual desires. It does not matter that we are forfeiting ourselves. It does not matter we are getting conscious of ourselves so much that sometimes we get afraid of what will happen if we cannot get accepted in this society.  Yes, exactly we are covering our faces with a mask. A mask that is acceptable to others. What about our hearts? Oh, we do not need to take care o…

Loneliness: Desperate Need to Repair YOURSELF by Farheen S.

We always face sometimes a feeling in which we want to cry but we cannot, we want to complain but we cannot, we want to express ourselves but we cannot. I will tell you all, this is a feeling of loneliness, and this is a feeling of hollowness in your heart. How I know? Because I have faced this for a whole year of my life. The thing that matters at that time is how we tackle it.What this situation is exactly? What is the root cause of this feeling? How to overcome this in a permanent way? Read this and know the answers to all the questions that came into your mind by reading the title of my article or any other’s. Promise to yourself that if you are facing this type of situation, you will try to repair yourself rather than pressing its weight in your heart.
Loneliness has many types. Those are: Interpersonal loneliness  
         This comes from losing an intimate relationship
     2. Cultural Loneliness          If your cultural and lifestyle does not match to the majority ones, this feel…

Travel Around: Push your limits By Farheen S.

Writing, acting, or swimming is the type of art, What if I tell you that travelling is also an art?

What you can do with travelling, what observations you can make, and what different things you can experience, you do not even have an idea. Travelling of every type, it could be adventurous, it could be recreational, it could be for business, it will always enhance your ability to live, to struggle and to accommodate your life with what you have. By reading this article, you will realize how much you are missing if you have not traveled anywhere.
Travelling can improve you as person. When you travel, you will polish yourself up. You will get a break from your everyday life. You will improve your problem solving ability. When you travel to place, where you do not have your comfortable zone, you will face challenges. Then to solve these challenges will be the only your way to get out. These challenges will push your limits. I assure you, you will get out of your bubble. This will not onl…

Worth of every single penny in the eyes of a lower class member of society

Yesterday I was traveling on a local bus and I have realized how much a common lower class member has to struggle to earn every single penny. An old woman was fighting with the bus driver that he was charging ten rupees more for the fare.When she started to speak loudly, the driver asked her to get off from the bus. At that time, there was no one on the bus who even left his seat to help her. When no one spoke, she got quiet and paid the remaining ten rupees. But she remained restless during the whole journey. Then she started to talk to me and told me the story of the struggle and hard work in her daily life. Her job was to collect cotton in different villages and then clean it. She said she had to work half a day almost in this hot weather of summer to get 30 rupees daily. Her hand was literally trembling. 

I was amazed to see her strength. Her sons can only provide her one-time meal. So for the extra money, she has to work. So that when her daughters come home to see her mother wit…

Where does a young ENGINEER stand in Pakistan?

Where does a young ENGINEER stand in Pakistan?

This is the question I am asking to myself from the day I have completed my graduation.  As far as, I have observed, our engineers stand nowhere in our society. No one is raising voice about the unemployment of engineers. No one is talking on social media about this issue and the reason is that they have bigger issues to discuss. Why do they care about this one?  But what’s the purpose of Pakistan Engineering Council? Why do we need this institution? Is their only purpose to just accredit the Engineering Universities? What Engineering council is doing at the other end, the job sector? Nothing, they are doing nothing. Oh yes few months ago, they have taken the huge step towards this issue. They have provided the engineers with (15%-20%) discounts on different brands. For God’s sake, they do not need this lollypop; this is not the step our engineers need at this crucial time.  They need assurance. They need appreciation. They need reward of…