Worth of every single penny in the eyes of a lower class member of society


Yesterday I was traveling on a local bus and I have realized how much a common lower class member has to struggle to earn every single penny. An old woman was fighting with the bus driver that he was charging ten rupees more for the fare.  When she started to speak loudly, the driver asked her to get off from the bus.  At that time, there was no one on the bus who even left his seat to help her. When no one spoke, she got quiet and paid the remaining ten rupees. But she remained restless during the whole journey. Then she started to talk to me and told me the story of the struggle and hard work in her daily life. Her job was to collect cotton in different villages and then clean it. She said she had to work half a day almost in this hot weather of summer to get 30 rupees daily. Her hand was literally trembling. 

I was amazed to see her strength. Her sons can only provide her one-time meal. So for the extra money, she has to work. So that when her daughters come home to see her mother with their children, she should have some money to give to her grandchildren. This is the heart of a mother that she even forgets about her health and start to think about her grandchildren. I am just giving this as an example that how much she has to struggle to get those 30 rupees daily. In that bus, she was not fighting for ten rupees, she was actually fighting for her struggle. But nowadays, in our upper class and upper-middle-class family, a child does not even care about five rupees coin lying on his feet. 

The begging mechanism is also trending in Pakistan as a profession. In those beggars, there are mostly children of age thirteen and below. At our bus station, these children even try to snatch your purse. They are participating a lot in street crimes. But why these children are forced to do this?  Sometimes, we simply say this:

  " People have made this a business. They are mafia people. They pretend to be poor "

But have you ever thought about those children that how they can think of themselves at that age? From the time they born, their families pass this begging profession as their inheritance to them. If they are faking some diseases for some penny, why in the first place they need to do that? If you are capable, have you ever tried to school them? No, because our purpose is only to just talk and talk and yes we judge them on our basic morality lessons. But they never even have a chance to learn those morality lessons.  Have you ever realized poor fruit and vegetable street vendors has to sell that fruits and vegetables with how much struggle daily?  His work income is on daily basis.  There are even some who try to sell at cheap rates in the evening because they cannot sell that on the next day. I am just mentioning these examples to put some sense into people that those people have to earn that 100 or 50 rupees with so much struggle that we can not even realize that. 

How much father who belong to that class, has to think about to buy his child a juice bottle, how much a mother has to think about what she can cook or not daily  on the basis of their income, how much the parents have to think about providing his child tuition for his school, how much they have to think about to avail the rickshaw. When you eat the burger that costs more than Rs 300, must think about those families. Start to give them as much as you can in every possible way. Do not ever think that what they can do with your single penny. You do not even know how much a single coin matters to them. And as we all know from our Islamic teachings that we are saving the money for us that is going into charity. So try to save some money for yourself instead of wasting it.

 Instead of thanking to Allah for giving us this comfortable life, we always blame this life for some hardships and difficulties that we have to face in our daily life. Some people even have not seen what the real hardships are. So when you start to have even a little bit of disappointment in your life, always try to observe the people that are below of you. 


  1. Very well explained.
    Not only for lower class for everybody every penny should be respectable and important. Loved it 💘

  2. Great insights. You’re right, we take a lot of things granted, but we don’t even consider those ‘less fortunate’ than us, at least financially speaking. But if you think about it, regardless of how much money they have in their pocket, they give their all to their family and loved ones without a second thought. Meanwhile, we spend all our time working and being stingy with money. Who are the real lucky ones?


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